Do you have a KW Planner WorkAround?

We have a Keyword Planner workaround. Please follow the steps below:

Step 1. You need gmail account that has not been used with previous adwords account even if you did not enter a credit card. If you get error message then create a NEW gmail account. NO need to use proxies, firefox profiles, etc.. AND use your cell phone to verify. Or you can use  

Step 2. Log into your new gmail account.

Step 3. Go to The page will tell you to sign up or sign in but just choose sign in and it will automatically take you to the page where you will set up your manager account. 

Step 4. Choose MANAGE OTHER PEOPLE'S ACCOUNTS upon setup. Click the SAVE AND CONTINUE button.

Step 5. In the next page, you will see a red button that says ACCOUNT. Click it and select NEW ADWORDS ACCOUNT.

Step 6. Name the new account as "Research" and click the CREATE ACCOUNT button.

Step 7. Look for TOOLS in the upper right menu. Drop down and select KEYWORD PLANNER.

Step 8. Supply the necessary fields in the Keyword Planner and you will see the exact value for the average monthly searches when you run your search.