Chrome Profiles - MSCP and BLCP

As stated in the new version of module 2, we have 2 groups of Chrome profiles - Money Site Chrome Profile (MSCP) and Backlinking Chrome Profiles (BLCP). Each has its own specifications.

An MSCP consists of:
- a dedicated Gmail account 
- a home IP address if you're from the same country as your money site or a VPN IP address if living in another country

e.g. If your money site is in the U.S. and you live in the U.S., you do NOT need a VPN


While BLCP does not need a Gmail account and also uses IP address which needs to be DIFFERENT from MSCP's IP address.


You need to set up your Chrome profiles so you are going to follow everything in the new module 2.

You need to have a separate Gmail account for your MSCP.

You are going to launch your Chrome profile and log into that specific Gmail account every time you work on your money site.