Web 2.0s

For Web 2.0's, why do you measure PA and NOT TF?

Why we do NOT measure TF (Majestic Trust Flow) for Web 2.0 properties? TF is a good measurement of domain quality for PBN's and measuring competitors site strength. It is NOT a good measurement for Web 2.0 proprieties that host hundreds of thousands of sub-domains thus we use Moz PA (Page Authority) to measure the quality of Web 2.0's. Anything above a PA of 20 is considered good quality for back linking purposes. TF is good measurement for domains like money site and PBN's. PA is good measure...

Backlinks from Tumblr not being indexed

It's not normal for a Tumblr to take more than a month to index. There may be many reasons for this - If the Tumblr was spammed before then there is a chance of this happening. If there are lots of links from a newly created Tumblr blog, then Google may just decide not to index it. Kindly wait for few more weeks, if still not indexed, we suggest you move on to a new web 2.0 other than Tumblr.

I can't login to my Tumblr account / redirecting to Yahoo.

There are two ways to solve this issue: 1. Go to Tumblr support and click on Contact Support - https://www.tumblr.com/support 2. In the Tumblr ticket - choose Trouble Logging In in the drop-down menu 3. In the details field, write - My Tumblr account is redirecting to yahoo Provide the following information: Tumblr URL, Username and password, then send ticket 4. Open the Email Inbox Url associated with your Tumblr (Yopmail) and wait for the email from Tumblr. Tumblr support will send a pa...

How many blogs can I access on one IP?

One (1) IP is assigned to 1 BLCP.

Tumblr linking question - is linking the description a good idea or is it better to link a picture post?

If you are linking directly to your domain, then linking in the description is good. But adding inner page link as image description is also fine.

Requesting for LiveJournal web 2.0

Livejournal expired web2.0s are very rare to obtain at this point thus we recommend using Tumblr Web 2.0s instead.

How many Firefox profiles can I use per IP?

We recommend a maximum of 5 Firefox profiles per IP address. Do NOT share the same IP address with your Money site. Always keep your money site as far away as possible from your Web 2.0 and PBN's Firefox profiles.

Why measure Page Authority (PA) instead of Trust Flow (TF) in web2.0s?

For web 2.0's, we measure Moz PA (Page Authority) and offer PA of 20 or greater. WE DO NOT measure TF like we do with domains. Why? Majestic measures domains accurately for Trust Flow BUT does not for Web 2.0's which are built off a main domain rather than stand-alone root domain. Hence, we use Moz PA of 20 or greater to measure the quality of Web 2.0's.