Where do you get content for the landing page when you're targeting multiple keywords?

You create the content. I saw some people using duplicate content (which is acceptable). I personally believe and advise if you have an offer, you can write 300 words and find images that relate to the offer and calls to action in text form to create 300 words. Much like I could keep writing words in this support ticket and insert my KW wherever I need to. So if you need help in getting your water damage fixed all you have to do is click the button on this page, press 1 when prompted and you'll instantly be speaking with a restoration pro.

It doesn't matter what kind of shape your place is in, we'll setup a time to come out and give you an estimate. We work with almost all insurance companies, blah blah blah. Click the button, press 1 and we'll take care of you now.

This whole ticket took less than 3 minutes to write btw. ;) And yes, I know it isn't 300 words, however, given that I know nothing about the water restoration offer, I haven't done a test call, seen a website or talked to an AM about the offer, I'd say it's a great amount of words here with a few KWs buried in there somewhere. Wouldn't you? Call us now, and press 1 to speak to a water damage restoration professional, right now!