SEO - Keyword Research / Niche Selection

When will Chris get back to me regarding my Niche Worksheet Review?

Thank you for sending your niche for review. Please allow Chris 24-48 hours to get back to you. We appreciate your patience

How can I get the keywords for page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4 from video 0?

FIrst, you need to find a focus/main keyword Then you need to insert it in the Google keyword planner to find similar keywords and keyword ideas (you can think of keyword ideas yourself, too.) You will have 20-30 keyword ideas. Insert each keyword into Google search Take note of the LOCAL SITES which show up (Ignore Yelp, etc.. you need to check LOCAL BUSINESSES) Insert the next keyword and do the same exercise. If keyword 1 and keyword 2 show similar local site URLs in the top 10, then th...

How can I find the right keywords for my niche?

You can use the Google keyword planner to find out keywords related to your niche - Select "Search for new keywords using phrase website or category" Enter your main keywords in the planner and generate ideas. You can also enter a competitor website URL in the box which says "Your landing page" to see what keywords they target. Once the planner gives you ideas, you will be able to find out many relevant keywor...

How can I structure my site offering multiple services in multiple cities?

We recommend you build out city pages for ONE SERVICE at a time as shown in the training for maximum cities as possible. (At this point you can use normal service pages which is common and link to all city pages ) Once you have built out the city pages and would like to specifically target individual cities, you can do the VIDEO 0 exercises and find keyword groups for that particular service and create a new city page which targets the new service and keyword group you found from Video 0 exerc...

250 Rule in niche research explained

The 250 rule is done to research about your niche. We understand that if you enter a small city, it won't add up to 250. You need to make sure that when you scale to bigger cities, you have at least 250 people searching for your niche. So to build your master domain site properly, select a major city. Do your research, get the best niche and keywords, and then start building city pages. Start with smaller city pages first and then on to the major city.

In the cheat sheet for niche research it states not to use "company" in your keywords. Why is this?

The word "company" is too generic. You need to research keywords that focus on the specific service.

Can I create a different page for each group of keywords?

Watch Module 1 thoroughly to get a clear idea about keyword research. (VERY IMPORTANT) If you watch it, you will understand what all keywords to target collectively, and what keywords are to be separated. In a nutshell, if you find similar sites ranking for a set of keywords, make them into a group and make a page targeting those keywords. If you find different sites/pages ranking for the keyword, make a different page for those set of keywords.

Keyword density

You should have 4-7 ish keywords for each city page. Note: You may have a few more depending on your niche but 98% of the time if you have more than 10 keywords, you need to consider dividing them up into two groups (2 pages per city). How will you know? Module 1 Video 0 is THE MOST important videos of this entire course. OR you might be adding too many keywords with low searches per month for larger cities. (for larger cities, searches at or below 30 searches per month is a waste of your time)...

Do you recommend creating one page per keyword?

You cannot actually create a good article with 1 keyword alone. Even if you do, then the article may be either SHORT or may be over optimised for the keyword. And the worst part is, if you create a separate page for each keyword that belongs to the same group, your pages will have to compete with your OWN pages. To avoid all these, the best practice is to go for keyword groups.

Should I add my city behind my keyword even though I’ve already set the location to that city?

Think about it from a person's perspective. When someone in Chicago needs a plumber, how do they search? "Plumbers in Chicago" or just "plumbers"? We recommend the format keyword + city for doing the keyword research, ie : with city added at the end. (The impression counts will be lower but it's more accurate.)