When using Adwords do I need to upload the KWs by match type separately? i.e. Broad, Phrase and Exact?

When you copy/paste the KWs in, make the KW is in match type you want. It will load in the correct way, but it won't show on the Adwords Editor. It's a bit "buggy", remember? You can post changes to Adwords and then look to confirm your KWs are good to go in the campaign. If they are not, adjust and you'll be fine.

You can go in and change them one by one when you have a KW selected, look to the bottom part of the screen and there will be a drop down menu that should be on "broad". You can also ctrl+A (whatever the equivalent is for MAC) and select all KWs and make the same setting change. Try loading all your Broad match KWs in first, then all you BMM KWs with what I just taught you.