How can I use kallzu SEO with Ignytr?

You can access the link below to find a brief document explaining how you can combine kallzu SEO and Ignytr for amazing results.

If I move my sites to another server and put a WordPress theme on them, will it affect their rankings?

Moving a site from one server to another won’t affect the rankings much. However, since your sites are NOT running WordPress currently, changing them involves changing the CMS structure of the site. This may lead to broken links and content change. A drop in rankings may happen when you do this. However, with a good backlink plan & social signals, you can regain the rankings without much trouble. When you change your sites to WordPress, you need to make sure that all your URLs are preserved (...

Per Chris’ coaching, when the moneysite is on page 4-1, mix in some branding. Could you give me examples of "mix in some branding"?

Do crowd search with BRAND KEYWORDS only when your site is above page 4. Once you are under page 4, start the keyword Crowd search. Once you see the rankings are improving, do BOTH keyword and brand keywords together. Eg: assuming your company name is aaaplumbing Send 5 brand searches a day "aaaplumbing" send 5 keyword searches a day "plumbers in Phoenix" That way, you get CS traffic from both BRAND keyword and Money keyword.

In building out my SEO Master Domain site, what is the frequency with which I should release pages to Google for indexing?

There's no limit to the frequency with which you should release pages to Google for indexing. The important thing is to ensure Google is only indexing pages or posts that are complete. We want to make sure SERP's only crawl and index completed site, pages, and posts.

Will converting my website from http to https make a difference in rankings?

If you do it carefully, it will not affect your rankings Google knows this ( If you do it right, you will get good results. If you don't have the resources for it, we recommend yo...

How often should I ping my website (all pages) after it has been indexed?

You need to ping only ONCE. Too much ping sends a bad signal to Google. Ping the main page only. When you ping that page, the crawler will go to all linked pages. If you get new backlinks, ping them once.

Google is detecting my location (outside of the US) even while using a proxy.

Our module 2 has been updated eliminating the USE of proxies. We are now recommending VPNs to avoid maximum possible leaks.

I can't disable WebRTC. Do you recommend a plugin?

Install this extension and check again: Note: As long as your location is within the United States, you’ll be fine.

Kallzu SEO Guidelines

* Crowd Source for Brand name until your main keywords rank page 10 or less (8,5,3). Your combination of local searches and national. Combine with social signals. * Crowd Sources purpose is to make your backlinks look natural. It looks natural to have real people visiting your site followed by backlinks. * 2 PBN (domains and web 2.0) per month per city (yes you start with multiple cities at once. * 2 non-PBN backlinks per city per month. This can include any of the following: - Backlinks you...

Is it possible to set up multiple Google business listings in areas surrounding the main business?

If you have an address which can be verified by Google postcard, then yes. But we recommend not to do it as someday if Google finds out they are fake, your site will be penalized.

At what point can I use Crowdsourcing in ranking my keywords?

Crowdsourcing only has to be used once you rank under top 10 for any of your main keywords. (Not talking about brand keywords here) Once any of your main keywords rank you under top 10, you can run crowd search for that keyword.

My site is not converting well despite first page Google ranking

The conversion rate of a web page depends on the DESIGN, CONTENT, URGENCY OF NICHE etc.. Small tweaks will bring big changes. The only way to identify these changes is by actually making them and testing the conversion rates. In order to increase your conversion rate, you can try tweaking with these tips: - Include testimonials, social proof, customer reviews. - Include a video or a couple of videos of the services you offer - Incorporate strong calls to action (CTAs) into eve...

Local identity question: Should I use Proxy or VPN?

We have updated our Module 2 avoiding the USE of proxies now. For members who are located in the USA, we suggest avoiding all the proxy setup and do it with their own home IP. If you are outside of the USA, you can use a VPN. Kindly read the text below VIDEO 1 that says, ">>>MUST READ "Do I need separate IP for each city?" <<<<<<<" You can see that you can either use your HOME IP or VPN (if you are from a different country). Once you read that part, make sure ...

What is Google Certified and how does it affect my ranking?

According to Google, we will only see this in niches where there is abuse within the niche to consumers e.g. plumber and locksmith niches. For example, locksmiths are known to quote a small price to come unlock a car but once they arrive, the bill triples! Since the consumer is often stranded on the roadside, they feel they have no choice but to pay extra. Similar abuse happens in plumber niche. Is this a threat? NO WAY! There are 10 organic spots, 3-6 paid, and Google 3-pack as competition al...

Do I need a real address for a local GMB listing to get verified by Google?

For GMB listing, you will need a real address which will be able to receive a postcard for verification purposes. Google will require you to enter an accurate address so make sure the address is Not fake. You will be able to use Twilio number in the map listing once your address is verified. We show how to acquire GMB in Module 9. However, it's a hack and we generally do not recommend hacks. We suggest focusing on clean white hat SEO as one source of income (traffic) AND on PPCall AdWords a...

How do I get my site indexed/ re-indexed?

You should create webmasters' account in Google, go to crawl settings and let Google recrawl the site. To check index status, visit Keep in mind, some URLs take more time, so you need to exercise patience when waiting for your site to be indexed. You can also use any pinging service expedite the process.

How often can I submit my site for indexing?

In webmasters tool, you can send the Google crawler every time you add a new content. If you add a new page, you can give the webmaster tools that URL so Google will index it. Don't send the crawler to the same page again and again without any making any change to the page. Google has limited to 10 crawls to a site.

How much money do I need to get the necessary amount of Crowd Search credits?

City search per minute equals 30 credits. The credit value differs from $0.018 to $0.01 per credit depending on the volume you purchase. Visit for more details. If you choose the $0.018/credit package, the cost for doing two 3-minute city search would be $3.24 and in 30 days, $97.2 For your 4 major cities, you will use 360 credits for one 3-minute city search. Two searches per day will use 720 credits. For 30 days, it will be 21,600 credits which will c...

Can I verify multiple GMB locations from a single Gmail account?

Yes, you can verify multiple locations from the same account.

Can I use a Twilio number for my GMB listing?

Yes, you may use a Twilio number for GMB listing.

How much working capital is required to get the SEO business going?

The monthly subscription for kallzu SEO is $29.99/mo. This includes training, coaching, 7-days a week support, coaching calls, membership to our exclusive Facebook groups (one for coaching and another for exchanging links to increase your backlinks), 2 live events per year, and the call tracking software (kallzu 2) to manage your calls, clients, records calls, etc. Using the call tracking software, you can do white label, auto-billing, tracks missed calls, forward calls to 1 or many clients., ...

Proxy vs VPN

Q: I’m using FF for my website profile since Chrome is not working for mac. But for some reason, ( is showing my current location in San Jose, CA. Not the location of the proxy, which is Dallas TX. The only difference between the original FF setup instructions and my current setup is that I’ve incorporated the location guard plugin for FF as shown in the Chrome setup instructions. Do you have any idea what the issue may be? Looking over the drop down under the first ...

How to get listed in maps

Is there a way of Google verifying addresses for master domain sites? If not, how do you suggest that we get listed in maps? Answer: You will need a real address when you need a map listing. You can insert a random address from the respective city you are making. Once you close a client, you can use theirs. Remember, you don't have to do this for ALL your cities, we have listed which cities need address and which don't in Module 3 --> Part 7a --> USA CITY BLUEPRINT. http://kallzu.b...

Creating page/s for multiple subcategories

For example: state of California with 8 sub-categories Scenario 1 : In Module 1 exercise, if CATEGORIES fall under the same keyword - we don't recommend you create separate pages for it. You can attack that group of keywords in same page. Make sure the 8 sub-categories are valid. Scenario 2: When you do Module 1 exercise and find out these 8 categories don't belong together in same group. In that case we recommend creating separate pages for that. When starting out, 8 global pages are f...

Website Message: Website has been blocked from automatically starting a call.

This is a safari feature. For any phone number you click, you get the option of call or cancel. If you hit cancel 3 times safari assumes that the website is creating unwanted call requests, and starts creating the message you listed. If you hit the Allow button it will reset the block flag and give you call You can also go to iPhone settings Safari and clear History and Website data.

Location Map isn't displaying — issue

Q: I'm using VPN. When I used, the map did not appear. A: Visit and see if the right location shows up. Q: I set the location pin in Location Guard and checked it in (Where Am I) but the map is not appearing. A: Please note that you have to refresh the site by clicking ​ which is located near the address bar. If that does not work, then try hard refresh — hold down Ctrl and press F5. If that does not work, follow these steps: Step 1: Open ...