Kallzu Konnect

There is a green symbol (https://prnt.sc/nxix8l) on the Kallzu Dashboard in addition to the CJ Affiliate, Exact Match, and Goojibear. Are these affiliates all part of the same group?

That symbol is the Invoca symbol. Invoca is the platform that most affiliate networks (including Kallzu Konnect, CJ Affiliate, and Exact Match) use. The reason why you're seeing it is due to the fact that they are all using the same platform and would have a similar interface. Also, by clicking your name or email on the upper right corner of the affiliate website, you may interchange your login from one affiliate to another almost instantly.

I notice that most of the offers in Kallzu Konnect do not have an EPC per 100 calls. How do I regard that? Also, many of them are new. Are these offers potentially good ones for me starting out?

EPC is a variable that changes every 7 days and is being recorded as the earning performance of an offer from all publishers promoting it over a hundred calls. Thus, EPC may constantly change. However, please note that all offers from Kallzu Konnect have been vetted by our Ads Team and have been proven to be high-converting offers. You can rest assure that any of the offers would be great to start your campaign with. Here's what you should be looking for in an offer: - 24/7 - Medium Payo...

Aside from Pay Per Call Ads, are we allowed to use SEO, FB Ads, or YouTube to promote in Kallzu Konnect?

The only method we support is Call Only Ad Campaign. Our members get paid for the qualified calls they generate. You may use other methods if you want but this is not what we teach, support, nor recommend.

How soon can I transition from Kallzu Konnect to servicing local clients?

You can start getting direct local clients as soon as you start getting qualified calls. Once you start getting conversions, all you need to do is optimize so your QS can increase as the calls and lower the cost per click.

Who do I reach out to in order to find more information about a Kallzu Konnect Offer?

All the details are in the offer page and if there is any update, we will let you know.