How can I structure my site offering multiple services in multiple cities?

We recommend you build out city pages for ONE SERVICE at a time as shown in the training for maximum cities as possible.

(At this point you can use normal service pages which is common and link to all city pages )

Once you have built out the city pages and would like to specifically target individual cities, you can do the VIDEO 0 exercises and find keyword groups for that particular service and create a new city page which targets the new service and keyword group you found from Video 0 exercises.

ONLY create separate service page if VIDEO 0 tells you that the set of keywords are not belonging together.

VIDEO 0 will tell you if you need a separate Page.

For starting we recommend you stick with 1 main service and build out the pages for the same

The permalink structure is



If you find a good keyword which DON'T belong to the TREE REMOVAL keyword group, but that keyword can bring you great calls and money, then create a new page for it.


How do you find if keyword belongs to TREE REMOVAL or not?

Video 0 exercises will show you the answer directly from Google.

It’s the most crucial part of our SEO Training.