New TWILIO dashboard settings

Please find below the steps for setting up on the new Twilio dashboard.

Please choose Products and then click Programmable SMS, Voice and Phone Numbers.  

Fun fact: It doesn't really matter if you click on those selection or not. It will still continue on the page below. 
The purpose of this is  for the template that they will make on your account settings which you can still update once you have a project.

Just enter the name that you want for your project and click continue. On the next window, just click on "skip remaining steps".

You will now be redirected to your dashboard. Now on this window, just in case you did not select the option asked earlier. You can edit it on this part: 

It will show you the option you can include in your dashboard by clicking on the pin icon.

Next is you need to upgrade your account first in order for Twilio to give the API settings that we need.

Once your account is updated. You need to buy a number. In terms of number capability, Voice and SMS are enough. To buy a number, just go to the # icon and click on buy numbers.

After buying your number, just go back to your dashboard and look for the following details. You can now get your account SID and auth token here

Lastly, for you to get your Twilio Application SID which is really important, especially if you will do test calls to your campaign. To get your SID:

1. Click on the phone icon.
2. Go to TwiML
3. Then select TwiML App
4. Then click on the plus sign to create a new TwiML App
5. Just enter a friendly name and click on save.
6. Go back to your newly created TwiML app and click on your created app to show your SID.

NOTE: In case you got confused with the SID's. Remember Account SID starts with AC and Twilio Application SID starts with AP.

Once everything is entered, just click on update and make a test call in our Utilities page.

If you need anything else, please let us know. We are here to help.