Hosting recommendation for money site and PBNs

We highly recommend the following hosting for your PBN and Money Sites. We have tested and use the following hosting for our sites.
PBN (Private Blog Network) hosting we vetted this company for almost 2 years and Chris Winters is good friends with the owner. The owner is also an active participant in the kallzu private Facebook group. 

We host all our PBN domains exclusively with Easy Blog Network.

Here is the discount link: 

Bluehost icloud is our only choice for hosting our niche money sites. Icloud (not the regular hosting) is proven to have 10 times faster loading speeds than Godaddy, Hostgator, and the other popular hosting companies. In addition, with icloud hosting, your site is fully saved across many icloud servers which means there is the least amount of chance of your site going down.

Discount link for BlueHost icloud (do not get regular hosting only icloud) 

For Bluehost, when you buy thru our discount link, we will migrate up to 3 of your sites from your current host provider to Bluehost. That's a saving of $149.00. Each additional migrated domain will cost $30. Most hosting companies charge $149 for one site migration and $90 for each additional. So we are saving you significantly while providing the best money site icloud hosting on the planet :)