Third Party Services & Software

What do you suggest if I am still experiencing an error message when downloading the Adwords Editor?

Do a research to see if your computer system is compatible with the Editor. If that does not work, try to YouTube the issue and see if a solution can be found, or reach out to Google's support.

Do we have Voicemail Drops functionality available or coming soon?

You may find the information on Kallzu RVM Drop Service (Done For You Voicemail Drops) here:

Where do I get help with the Adwords Editor?

For the Adwords Editor process, please review Part 8 Video #61 ( and Ms. Jeanne's case study pt 3 for Adwords Editor help as well as the coaching calls listed with Adwords Editor in the description.

I have repeatedly tried to upload the KW Spreadsheet to the Adwords Editor and I receive a resultant message saying 999 errors. What do I do?

There is a spreadsheet bulk upload option, but it isn't near as fast (once you learn how to use the Adwords Editor). In the next year or so (lots of other things launching first) William has plans to launch a campaign creation software to help do the heavy lifting for you, but in the meantime, this is the best option.

What do we do to overcome Google telling us that our Ads are now disapproved because the Telephone Number is not verified?

You always need to use the same phone number on both the website and on the Ad. It can never be different. Also, please review Video #45 ( - Call Only Ads: Website Conversion Setup with regards to the Website conversion code.

I noticed my Google Adwords account configuration is different from the one on the video training where Chris showed us his research , for example, I don't have the Avg. Monthly Searches. What could be wrong?

Adwords shows KW traffic estimates when you aren't paying for ads. When you start running at least one campaign, then you'll see exact numbers. Our KW review requests are not based on traffic estimates from the KW planner. This is because the KW planner is for regular google search, not call only ads. We recommend studying Ms. Jeanne's case study put. 3 and Coaching call #3 ( for help with your KWs

For the Adwords account should we use our normal account and real IP address, or our profile with proxy account?

You may use and do everything like normal. Google wants and likes it when you're transparent. Do everything above board and you'll do well and be fine

How do I sign up for the Voicemail Drops for kallzu Ads program?

At the bottom of Part 8, you'll see a link for Syd's VM Drop service. It is complete with a scheduling and checkout process right from the members area.

Where exactly would I get Numbers to assign to Clients for Forwarding and how would I have access to that?

Kallzu 2.0 is our call tracking and billing platform. Twilio is a service that Kallzu uses for numbers. You can buy Twilio numbers inside Kallzu 2.0. If you need access to Kallzu 2.0, submit a separate ticket requesting access, and you'll be setup. Optmyzr is an Adwords account management software. We do all the management for you.

Is there an easy way to change the URLs for batches of KWs?

This can be done using the Adwords Editor. It will need to be done one at a time but only for converting KWs.

How necessary are the subscriptions to SpyFu and the other tools as these add up fast if I am not making anything yet?

Not required, just helpful.

How do I see the Ads Status in the Adwords Editor?

Use the Adwords platform to see status, not the Adwords Editor

I had already setup Google Analytics(tag) for the website now when I matched Adwords to Analytics it gave me a new code which do I use?

You use the website conversion code, not analytics code to confirm the website. You need an active phone number on the page before you create and submit your google ads for review.

How accurate is the estimated traffic data that is obtained on the Ad group creation page in your opinion?

Fairly accurate. It has give and take to it, but if it says zero, that isn't always true. Use the forecaster too (in KW planner).

What happens when you set French as a target language in addition to English?

Fairly accurate. It has give and take to it, but if it says zero, that isn't always true. Use the forecaster too (in KW planner).

The Adwords Script keeps failing. Can you send the step by step on how to do this via Adwords Editor?

With the Adwords Editor open, click on the Ad Groups section bottom left box. Then in main box at the top left, you'll see an error symbol that you can sort your Ad Groups by. Click it. It will bring up all the red errors to the top. Hold Control Key to select multiple and then delete them with right click and delete. Make sure the error messages are that you are missing a KW in that Ad Group. You want to delete them, not pause them. If they stay in your campaign, it can hurt the health of it, ...

How do I do KW Insertion in the Editor?

You can select all Ad Groups in the editor and make the same Ad across all Ad Groups initially. You're only trying to find the converting KWs first. Then you optimize.

How do I get the white label videos and autoresponder bonus for Clients?

Bottom of Part 8, there is a direct link to the entire Client Engagement Sequence, including the white label videos.

Can you explain me why Google would set the CPC for calls lower?

My educated guess is volume differences between the two countries. More call volume possible means cheaper cost per click for call only ads. In the US, they ARE cheaper.

Do we have Voicemail Drops functionality available or coming soon?

You may find the information on Kallzu RVM Drop Service (Done For You Voicemail Drops) here:

What do you suggest if I am still experiencing an error message when downloading the Adwords Editor?

Do a research to see if your computer system is compatible with the Editor. If that does not work, try to YouTube the issue and see if a solution can be found, or reach out to Google's support.

How does one fill out the Twilio form, for example: "Account SID" and "AUTH Token"?

Once you login to our call tracking platform Kallzu 2.0 Visit Account --> API Settings to enter both SID and AUTH Token

RVM: There is a link link to Kallzu RVM in the training area. I would like to know what it's about and if there is an over view page?

It's a voice mail service that is used by Kallzu Ads members, you have to buy it through the link for accessing it. Further info about WHAT IT DOES is provided at the beginning of the last few coaching calls (#9, #10 and #11). Also you can find information on voice mail drops in the Battle of Fort Lauderdale Training (located at the bottom of Part 8 -direct link).

RVM: Is there any major difference between kallzu rvm drop service and slybroadcast? The prices are a fair bit different.

Syd's RVM service is a DFY solution (you don't need to have any phone numbers as they get them for you). Slybroadcast, you'll need to grab your own prospect's phone numbers.

[WhatAdsWork] is not online. Do you have an alternative for searching Pay-Per-Call ads?

There is a note on the side of the WAW video labeled "Important". It states to use the Chrome Extension Tool that can be found in Part 8.

What is the name of the specific chrome extension app/tool that we should be using?

Video #68, Part 8. If you are a Kallzu Ads member, then you will have access to that. If you are a member and don't see access, then let us know and we will forward it over to get you access.

Where does UberSuggest get their information for keywords?

From Google suggest (the drop down suggestions in google when typing a search in)

What Ads Work site down is there a fix or alternative?

What Ads Work has been in and out. It was just a recommendation for reviewing ad copy. Alternative solution is posted right next to the video! Read side notes, they're important. Especially when labeled "Important" in bold red.

What does the Voicemail drop service do?

Voicemail drops leave a voicemail (that you record) on a mobile phone without ringing the phone. It will show as a missed call and leave your voicemail. The prospect then listens to the voicemail or sees the missed call and calls back. You can find more information on voicemail drops by doing a quick Google search or looking at the other voicemail drop services we recommend (they have info on their sites). The other voicemail drop services we recommend can be found on the Battle of Fort Lauder...

Is it usually a problem using Google numbers when creating Ads?

Never. Double check that Jill's office is actually answering the calls. I hear they have issues sometimes keeping up with the volume.

If I wish to target a City in the US with my Pay Per Call Campaign do I buy an Adwords voucher for the US or do I have to buy an Adwords voucher for the country in which I live (the U.K.)?

Your Ads voucher should be for the country that you're setting your Adwords account up in (most likely). To confirm ask Google Adwords support.

When using the Keyword Planner tool in this training video, it shows actual Search Volumes. However, when I am using the Keyword Planner tool it only gives ranges, why is that?

You aren't spending money with Google as yet. When you don't spend money, the KW Planner only shows estimates.

How do I find the Pay Per Call option in AdWords? All I get is the Pay Per Click option

Part 7, Video #47. If not there as shown in training, you'll need to contact google support and find out why.

Is there a video showing how to upload additional Ad Groups in the Adwords Editor?

Part 8, Video #61 is all about the Adwords Editor. As well as some of the coaching calls in Part 10.

Where can I find PPCall cost in AdWords?

The only way to find costs is to go through an Ad group setup manually. Enter in each KW and then hit "Estimate Traffic" button. Right now, there is no source that will tell you costs on call only Ads other than this.

Google suspended and terminated the account, what do I do?

Go to the Google Ads Help Center ( and fill out the Contact Us form, or you may also call Google Adwords Support direct. For members residing in the United States, the toll free numbers are 1-866-246-6453 and 1-855-607-0431. Support is open from 9:00 am - 8:00 pm EST Monday – Friday. For those residing outside of the United States, there will be a Chat option in the link above and you can ask for di...

Do you have a KW Planner WorkAround?

We have a Keyword Planner workaround. Please follow the steps below: Step 1. You need gmail account that has not been used with previous adwords account even if you did not enter a credit card. If you get error message then create a NEW gmail account. NO need to use proxies, firefox profiles, etc.. AND use your cell phone to verify. Or you can use ( Step 2. Log into your new gmail account. Step 3. Go to (h...

Why would I need to use your phone to do Kallzu? Can't I use my own? I noticed somewhere about having to get a Twilio phone line.

You can use your phone number if you wish. Twilio is our call tracking software. We use our software to automate the billing for leads, provide a back office login for clients and even record phone calls (for review).

How can i receive calls from the RVM? I live in Spain. I've been using Jill's office to take calls from promotions up until now but it's getting expensive, so I'd like to take the calls. Is skype a good option?

It needs to be forwarded to a US number. Skype as well as a number of other 3rd party VOIP services will work for forwarding these calls to.

[RVM] since there are 2 numbers in my account, which one will be used?

Both (or all 3 if you order 3)

[RVM] Do I need to setup call forwarding or is that the purpose of the main contact phone number on the order form?

There is now a call forwarding number field on the order form.

[RVM] what is the drip interval of the vm drops? Are they dropped all at once or spread over a certain time frame?

We drop them at your requested time spread out at a 1 line rate (meaning 1 person answering the phone on the other end).

[RVM] in general, it’s not clear what I need to configure myself in 800-LINK and what is done by you guys when placing the order.

We do that for you, you just order the service and we set it up.

Why do I want to use a Google forwarding number? What are the benefits to me?

This is covered in the training. Google forwarding allows you to collect very important call tracking data that you'll use later to optimize on. No additional cost, it's free.

What type of phone number shows up in that Ad if I use a Google #?

An 800 number. You can choose a local number if you want, We recommend 800s.

Does Google remove the additional copy box in the Ad (under the 2 ad headlines) if I use Pay Per Call?

Call only Ads are different. You only have the two 35-character lines to use for Ad copy.

I set up my twilio account and have that ready but it seems a bit out of order. What am I doing wrong?

You order your twilio numbers through Kallzu platform and set them up. Then forward your new kallzu number to an affiliate offer number or a local client number.

Where do I find the training on the Adwords Scripts Compilation?

Adwords scripts are located in Part 8, Video #65

Why was my Google Adwords Account suspended?

There are reasons why your account might be suspended. One of the most probable reason would be the violation of their Policy. Do review the link for you to see the rules stated by Google. They are checking the relevance of the details in your campaign to the ugly site created and the details of your Ads which is why it is important for all details to match one source to another. There are other rare instances when Google will suspend an account due to malicious activity on the account or ...

Where could I get the Done For You Voice drop service to purchase?

Yes, you may find the order instructions here: