Kallzu 2.0

The leads go to "CAMPAIGN PHONE" instead of the company name

Make sure that the DEFAULT PHONE in CAMPAIGNS tab and the PHONE LEAD FORWARDING number in the COMPANIES tab should not be the same. Kindly check on each campaign and check the company/companies associated to the specific campaign that these mentioned numbers are not the same.

Email Lead Tracker - any way I can get input to kallzu2 for multiple campaigns from a single site?

Answer: You need to use the kallzu theme. For every page, there will be a field called "CAMPAIGN ID" inside EDIT PAGE Put the necessary campaign id inside that box and save page. Every time a lead comes in from that page, the lead will be forwarded to the campaign id you selected.

I would like to know how to see both the call time and the keyword that generated the call in adwords?

A-You'll find the call time in Account -My Account in Kallzu2.0

I have the Affiliate offer phone number. How do I redirect that within kallzu?

Forwarding Kallzu # to Promo number is done in Kallzu 2.0 There are software and setup training videos built into the software (top right video icon on each page).

Where exactly would I get Numbers to assign to Clients for forwarding and how would I have access to that?

Kallzu 2.0 is our call tracking and billing platform. Twilio is a service that Kallzu uses for numbers. You can buy Twilio numbers inside Kallzu 2.0. If you need access to Kallzu 2.0, submit a separate ticket requesting access, and you'll be setup. Optmyzr is an Adwords account management software. We do all the management for you (when it goes live again).

How do we start with Client Reports?

You won't have access to client reports for Optmyzr, so all your reporting will be inside the Kallzu 2.0 software. Which your clients will direct access to when you set up a sub user access for the campaign you create.

New TWILIO dashboard settings

Please find below the steps for setting up on the new Twilio dashboard. Please choose Products and then click Programmable SMS, Voice and Phone Numbers. Fun fact: It doesn't really matter if you click on those selection or not. It will still continue on the page below. The purpose of this is for the template that they will make on your account settings which you can still update once you have a project. Just enter the name that you want for your project and click continue. On the...

Application Error When setting up Voice Message in K2

You have 2 options in setting up the Voice Message in K2: 1. You can try replacing your Caller Message and Call Whisper mp3 with regular text. If mp3 is not supported, Twilio will return application error. 2. Alternatively, if you really want to use mp3, you can load the file to any WordPress site in the media files section and use that URL. Aby explained how to do this in Video 2 on the Start Here page of kallzu 2.0. Start watching it from 19:25.

White Label Setup — Got a 404 redirect to Verizon's search engine

You need to add a CNAME record wherever your site is hosted. If your site is in Hostgator, follow these steps: Step 1: Log in to your account in https://www.hostgator.com/ Step 2: Visit ADVANCED DNS ZONE EDITOR. Step 3: If you want to use login.yourwebsite.com as Subdomain in your K2 White Label setup, create a CNAME record and enter login in the Name (Host)field. Step 4: Enter dns.kallzu.com in the Value (Points to) field. If your site is in cPanel, follow these steps: Step 1: Lo...

White Label - Not showing client's dashboard

When a member reports that he created a white label and a sub-user account but couldn't see anything when he tried logging into it. Check first if the sub-user is linked with a company. Please see the image below as an example: Member sometimes forgets to link the company to the sub-user account which is why they cannot see the dashboard of their client. If the client mention which company should be linked to the sub-user they have created, you can edit the sub-user account to link it and a...

Kallzu 2.0 White Label: After adding Kallzu CNAME in CloudFlare for white label account, I'm getting error: "SSL handshake error"

You have to turn off the orange cloud under "Status" by clicking on it. Then wait for an hour and try it again.

Flash Player error in Kallzu 2.0 Utilities

Q: I'm getting this error in any of my browsers: A: You need to install Flash Player. Here's the link: https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ If you've done that already, make sure it is enabled. Enabling Flash Player for Google Chrome: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/6258784 Enabling Flash Player for Mozilla Firefox: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/why-do-i-have-click-activate-plugins

Getting Error 404 in setting the WhiteLabel

We recommend pointing this CNAME to dns.kallzu.com (http://dns.kallzu.com/) correctly to see our page. Please follow the steps below: Step 1: Log in to your account. Step 2: Click DNS Zone Editor. Step 3: Click +CNAME Record near the chosen domain. Step 4: If you want to use login.yourwebsite.com as Subdomain in your K2 White Label setup, enter login in the Name field and put dns.kallzu.com (https://kallzu.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/dns.kallzu.com%C2%A0) in the CNAME field.

Caller hears "sorry we missed your call, please call back later" after several rings

SOLUTION: Increase the Call Timeout value. Go to Numbers (https://kallzu2.kallzu.com/numbers/). Locate the number and click Select Action. Choose Edit from the drop-down options. Increase Call Timeout to 30 seconds or above. Increasing the call timeout value will ring long enough to trigger your client's voicemail box

Setting up a local or direct client in Kallzu 2.0

Start with the Companies Tab Create a new company GENERAL TAB: Company Name - your client's company name OR the Niche - Client Number in that Area - Location (e.g. HVAC 1 - Englewood, New Jersey That way, if and when you have succeeding clients in the same niche and area, you can easily identify them as HVAC 2 - Englewood, New Jersey) First Name / Last Name - your client's Phone Lead Forwarding - your client's phone number which they will use to answer the calls generated from your ad Cel...

How does buying a Phone Number work?

You order your Twilio numbers through Kallzu platform and set them up. Then forward your new kallzu number to an affiliate offer number or a local client number.

Can Twillio give me numbers from my country? (Internationally Available)

Please check the GEO Permissions in your TWILIO and make sure you have checked the desired country by: Login into your Twilio Account Click the Phone Icon (Programmable Voice) Click on Calls Click Geo Permissions Check the box of your desired country Save

How to setup Kallzu 2.0 for affiliate network.

Kallzu 2.0 is a call tracking software When you use kallzu 2.0 for your pay per call campaigns , you will be able to control the flow of the call , hear recordings and these things can help your campaigns. Setup of affiliate offer is pretty much similar For Name of business , you can insert offer name Lead forwarding number , you should insert the number provided by CPA network . You can choose prepaid billing model Set lead price to 0 (this way no invoice will be generated) Address and o...

What is the difference between Kallzu 1 and Kallzu 2?

Pay Per Call Ninja with Kallzu 1.0 software was created in 2013. As you know things change so fast online that we have since create 100% new training and new Pay Pay Per Call software (Kallzu 2.0). What is the difference between Kallzu 1 and Kallzu 2? Everything and we mean 100% different and improved. As past customer you get 50% discount. You can learn more by visiting this link and we encourage you to watch entire video and read whole page so you truly understand the benefits.. Also note that...

Where do I find the call recordings?

You can find your call recordings by going to your Kallzu 2.0 dashboard and click on Leads.

Everytime I log in to my Kallzu 2.0 dashboard, there's a pop-up window asking for a username and password (api.twilio.com)

Basically, the username would be "Account SID" and password would be "Auth Token". For more details, visit https://www.twilio.com/docs/sms/api