Do I need a real address for a local GMB listing to get verified by Google?

For GMB listing, you will need a real address which will be able to receive a postcard for verification purposes. Google will require you to enter an accurate address so make sure the address is Not fake. 
You will be able to use Twilio number in the map listing once your address is verified.

We show how to acquire GMB in Module 9. However, it's a hack and we generally do not recommend hacks. We suggest focusing on clean white hat SEO as one source of income (traffic) AND on PPCall AdWords as second source of income (traffic). Along the way, build systems and a team to run your systems. 
Hacks are short-lived and lack long term sustainability. For that reason, we do not recommend applying the hack It is a better use of your time growing a business that will last. 

(FYI: Twilio numbers will not work with any GOOGLE ACCOUNT verifications, even though they can be used for map listings. You will need to use a real phone number for VERIFICATION OF GOOGLE Account)