How Do I Answer Application Questions From Affiliate Networks?

Below are some ideas for you to use when answering the questions in affiliate applications. These are ideas and suggestions. What you answer is completely up to you. Please use your best judgement.

I just had a call with [Affiliate Network] and they said they would like to see 6 month of affiliate experience. I have been with Kallzu since April. Should I tell them I have six months on the next call?

Also, when they ask about vertical markets - is there something you suggest?

A: You should tell them you have been with the Kallzu platform since April. That's about six months. When asked about Kallzu, you tell them exactly what the platform is about:

Building SEO lead generation sites to serve live call leads to local businesses. Then you tell them you are adding to your portfolio affiliate platforms in pay per call too.

Most important do not lie, be honest. They want to know all about you. Name dropping Kallzu, Chris or William won't serve you the most (as tempting as it is). Use it as an absolute last resort.

Verticals are your choice completely. I like home services. It fits the most with what Chris teaches "out of the box".

Sometimes that all the phone call you need to give in order to jump start your application process. Continue the process as they advise using email. It sometimes takes a couple days for an application to be processed.


What URL should I use?

A: Company websites work really well here. William has personally used his Linkedin profile URL with success. Ultimately, the networks want to see you and know you're a real person. The more you can prove this, the better shot you have at a faster approval.


What, if any, Geo's you prefer to work with?

A: The best geographic areas are going to be the U.S. and Canada. It's all William uses personally for targeting.


What are your preferred verticals?

A: William uses home services vertical, mainly because he can find local clients to pay more per lead in that vertical. So offers like pest control, kitchen remodeling, carpet and flooring, etc. 


What is the max volume you can do daily?

A: Most likely you'll want to start small and scale up on high buyer intent keywords. So make an educated guess on how many calls you can drive to start (10-20/day) and that you'll scale up as soon as you optimize your campaigns to profit from the winning keywords.


How did you hear about [AFFILIATE NETWORK]? Please be specific.

A: Chris Winters' Kallzu Call Tracking Platform & Call Only Ads Training, with William Meers 


Please tell me a little bit about yourself and your company? 

A: If you run the Kallzu SEO model, then you're an SEO to pay per call lead generation company for local businesses. And you are looking to build another stream of income by directing paid traffic (call only ads) to affiliate offers.

If you don't run the Kallzu SEO model, then you need to elaborate on ANY affiliate experience, ANY lead generation experience and you're looking to build another stream of income by directing paid traffic (call only ads) to affiliate offers.


How do you generate traffic?

A: SEO (for Kallzu SEO model), and PPC/paid search/paid traffic options will work here.


What offers are you promoting now?

A: If you're using the Kallzu SEO model - Local clients (equivalent to home services). If you're using Call only ads already, list the offers you're promoting or that you have applied to (include all other affiliate networks)


What kind of offers are you interested in?

A: Starting out home services, and then grow into (insert whatever niche you want to grow into if any)