I did not get my Login to membership, what do I do?

There are four main areas to the total kallzu training and learning experience and 
want to make sure you have access to all four areas.

Area 1. Core Kallzu Training.

URL: http://kallzu.biz/login



Area 2. Private FB Group

URL: http://www.facebook.com/

To sign up first send a request to join thru facebook. 
Next, contact support@kallzu.com and let us know 
your facebook name and that you sent in request
to join kallzu private group.

Area 3 Private Back Link Exchange FB Group

This is private kallzu group where members exchange 
PBN, Web 2.0 back links. Along with Google Reviews, 
Facebook reposts, and re-tweets.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/748041691965004/

This one is easy just request to join an we approve you:)

Area 4: Kallzu Pay Per Call Online Software

There is more to building a successful lead gen business than
just software. Our kallzu 2.0 PPCall platform is a tool we believe 
to be the BEST in the market. Why? Because we actually use the 
software and build it for our business. In other words, we are 
pay per call business people first NOT software programmers selling 

Hence, we teach how build a business first in http://kallzu.biz, weekly 
coaching calls, and private facebook groups. Once you got the base
of your business completed (niche selection, cities, and site). Then and 
only then your ready for our world class pay per call software.

URL: http://kallzu2.kallzu.com