Follow How much money I should allocate to this if I want to get into it properly?

Based on the main software requirements below, plus the additional costs of getting the Tools and Resources of your choice, and setting your ad budget, you may derive the minimum costs.

Kallzu PPCall Adwords comes with two software systems to help manage your new online business.

First software is the called "20 minute workweek" also know as Word Stream. The normal monthly subscription is $279/mo but you are getting it included as a done for you solutionplus so much more for FAR less.

Our support uses this software to manage adwords campaigns and we are here to assist you 7 days a week.

To get set up with "20 minute workweek software", it is a simple form to fill out and we take it from there.

2nd Software "kallzu"

This software is to manage your calls, clients, records calls, you can white label, auto billing, tracks missed calls.. you forward calls to 1 or many clients.. and more.. This software costs $1 per month...but when you join the program recall it was advertised as $89/mo but at check out it was $88. That is so later when you're ready to get kallzu you pay $1. The $1/mo has to do with programming as one can only access with a subscription.

We recommend KW tools that you can use (paid and free). You won't have to use the paid ones unless you want to. The only other costs would be Twilio ($1 per month per phone number and $.01/min. in the US.

We recommend you follow the course in order, get niche, set up Adwords account, let us look over your niche, keywords, and even your ad copy.. THEN get set up with "20 Minute Workweek" after your first campaign is running.

Of course do not have to do the course in order. It is recommended but if your want get software systems now please feel free we will not slow you down.

As far as ad budgets, the more you spend, the more calls you'll be able to drive. Starting with even $20/ day in a vertical we recommend can do very well out of the gate!