How much working capital is required to get the SEO business going?

The monthly subscription for kallzu SEO is $29.99/mo. This includes training, coaching, 7-days a week support, coaching calls, membership to our exclusive Facebook groups (one for coaching and another for exchanging links to increase your backlinks), 2 live events per year, and the call tracking software (kallzu 2) to manage your calls, clients, records calls, etc. 

Using the call tracking software, you can do white label, auto-billing, tracks missed calls, forward calls to 1 or many clients., and more.

You have to allot for the Twilio cost which is $1 per number, $0.0085 per minute to receive calls, and $0.0130per minute to make calls. You may verify their rates at

We recommend keyword tools that you can use (paid and free). You won't have to use the paid ones, you can use Google Keyword Planner.

We recommend you follow the course in order, select a niche, and let us look over your niche.