I notice that most of the offers in Kallzu Konnect do not have an EPC per 100 calls. How do I regard that? Also, many of them are new. Are these offers potentially good ones for me starting out?

EPC is a variable that changes every 7 days and is being recorded as the earning performance of an offer from all publishers promoting it over a hundred calls. Thus, EPC may constantly change. However, please note that all offers from Kallzu Konnect have been vetted by our Ads Team and have been proven to be high-converting offers. You can rest assure that any of the offers would be great to start your campaign with.

Here's what you should be looking for in an offer:

  • 24/7
  • Medium Payout between $10-$30 per call
  • EPC of $200+ (Earning per 100 Calls)
  • Home Services Niche
  • Higher urgency is the better
  • Call duration no more than 2 mins. (60-90 sec. is ideal)

Choosing an offer that has most of these criteria would be a good one to promote. We have a couple of offers that are worth checking out — Water Damage Select States offer and Pest Control. They both have good EPC for the last 7 days, payout of within the range provided, fall under the Home Service vertical, will get your campaign high urgency and operational 24/7.