Thoughts? Words of Advice?

We recommend starting low ($1-3) and seeing what converts. If you aren't receiving any impressions, then your bids are too low. Which means you need to raise the bids a couple of dollars at a time until you start to see traffic. When you see impressions, then you can stop raising bids for a bit and see what converts. Optimize your converting KWs the n move on to the next level of bid increase and optimize those new converting KWs that come in. This is the below first page bid strategy found in Part 7.

We recommend starting with enough of a budget to drive calls, but be still be able to scale up by daily budget, once my campaign is dialed in. The daily spend is dependent on the volume, so it will be used up if there is enough volume. Also, Google will tell you if you are below the recommended daily budget and if you are losing clicks due to to not enough money (Check Part 7 of the training for how to read reports and numbers).