Proxy vs VPN

Q: I’m using FF for my website profile since Chrome is not working for mac. But for some reason, is showing my current location in San Jose, CA. Not the location of the proxy, which is Dallas TX. The only difference between the original FF setup instructions and my current setup is that I’ve incorporated the location guard plugin for FF as shown in the Chrome setup instructions. Do you have any idea what the issue may be?

Looking over the drop down under the first video in the Chrome setup (new module 2), it looks like I may not even need to use proxies now, other than for back linking via PBN, Live Journal, and Web 2.0 properties, correct? So I can simply use my personal home browsers for my money site work? How was the decision made that this is acceptable and won’t risk a ranking penalty? 


You don't have to worry about location being pinpoint accurate, as long as you are in the same country. If you are in the United States, use your home IP itself or you can either use a VPN, if you're outside the USA.  

We do not recommend using proxies anymore as VPNs are much better. Please see the updated Module 2 and read the text below VIDEO 1 that says, ">>>MUST READ "Do I need separate IP for each city?" <<<<<<<" 

You can see that you can either use your HOME IP or VPN (if you are from a different country).

Once you read that part, make sure you scroll down and read the FAQs as well.

If you wish to use Chromium on Mac, here's a workaround: 

You can go to following URLs and install the plugins.