What else do I need to know about my PBN Order?

Please make sure you have watched all of Module 7 and understand how to buy these domains, build the sites, and that you have watched the webinar replay from April 15th 2016 where Chris proves myths that backlinks need to come from Niche like sources. You will need 1-3 super PBN's that are niche related. The good news is you can re-purpose any high TF PBN domain. To learn more, watch coaching call May 23rd 2016 Q. My PBN domain only has 2 back links that seems really low to me. A. We use the...

How many links can be added on a PBN?

1 to your site, 5 to other sites. Total of 6.

Can I use 1 random profile to backlink to multiple PBN sites I own?

One (1) BLCP Profile to leave backlinks for the multiple PBNs is acceptable but risky. We recommend you only use 1 profile to leave backlinks to 1 PBN. This is to avoid all chances of leaving a footprint.

My PBN domain only has 2 backlinks. That seems really low to me

We use the exact same domain profiles with 2 links to help up rank over 3,000 pages on page one. They work great.

The domains you sent me are not in my niche.

That is fine! Chris proves this to be no issue by demonstrating a DUI attorney site ranking #1 (https://kallzu.zendesk.com/agent/tickets/1) in San Diego and looking at all their backlinks. Less than 2% of links were law related. See Coaching Call Replay April 15th.

Do you recommend any host for my PBN domains?

http://kallzu.biz/hosting - this is same company we use to host all our PBNs safely and the ONLY PBN hosting company we recommend.

Do I need a proxy to buy PBN domains?

You should buy PBN domains with a Firefox profile and proxy that is different from your niches' Firefox profile.

Should I buy PBN domains with my real name and credit card/PayPal?

YES. Then after you purchase, change the domain register as shown in Module 3 Video 3.

Should I buy all my PBN domains from one domain register?

No. We recommend you buy from different domain registers. Rotate them so you buy 1 from Godaddy, 1 from Namecheap, etc. then rotate and buy from GoDaddy, Namecheap etc..

How many blogs can I access on one IP?

One (1) IP is assigned to 1 BLCP. One (1) Back linking Chrome Profiles (BLCP) can be assigned 1 or 2 PBNs and up to as many Web 2.0's but only TWO of each (Tumblr, LiveJournal, Blogger, etc.).

How many Firefox profiles can I use per IP?

We recommend a maximum of 5 Firefox profiles per IP address. Do NOT share the same IP address with your Money site. Always keep your money site as far away as possible from your Web 2.0 and PBN's Firefox profiles.

Difference between PBN and PBN Super Sites

A Super PBN is a PBN that you re-purpose to match your niche. You treat this like a real growing site, post content weekly, link out to expert sites in your niche and you send lots backlinks to it use lots of keywords (aggressively). You get links from all the sources above except the PBN's and Web 2.0's. The structure will be the same like other PBNs but this will require more content and be treated like a real regular site that is constantly getting updated and getting links

Hosting recommendation for money site and PBNs

We highly recommend the following hosting for your PBN and Money Sites. We have tested and use the following hosting for our sites. PBN (Private Blog Network) hosting we vetted this company for almost 2 years and Chris Winters is good friends with the owner. The owner is also an active participant in the kallzu private Facebook group. We host all our PBN domains exclusively with Easy Blog Network. Here is the discount link: https://kallzuuniversity.com/hosting Bluehost icloud is our only c...

Can I re-use the pictures on my moneysite for PBNs or do I need to get new pictures?

We recommend you use different images. Google should not detect you are the same owner of money site and PBN. The least footprints, the better.