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Backlinks not showing in Google Console / not indexed

Majestic has its own crawlers which will go and index on your site. Similarly, Google has its own crawlers and Google doesn't show all the backlinks which they find. I wouldn't worry about links not showing up in Google Console, as long as you know they are there and the links are correct. Google knows about the links but won't update in Webmaster all the time. The only thing you can do at this point is to wait.

Will CrowdSearch increase my site's Trust Flow?

CrowdSearch can increase search engine rankings but it doesn't increase the Trust Flow, it's backlinks that do.

Module 5 Video 3 related to backlinking talks about having a social fortress. Is this done in MSCP or BLCP?

All backlinks except niche blog comments and niche forum posts are done via BLCP The Brand social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc which are your own) can be done in MSCP itself.

Backlink from Tumblr not being indexed

It's not normal for a Tumblr to take more than a month to index. There may be many reasons for this - If the Tumblr was spammed before then there is a chance of this happening. If there are lots of links from a newly created Tumblr blog, then Google may just decide not to index it. Kindly wait for few more weeks, if still not indexed, we suggest you move on to a new web 2.0 other than Tumblr.

Backlinking Velocity

If you are just starting out, we recommend a very low velocity, e.g. 1-2 links for the entire site not for each city page. If your site is getting decent traffic, then you can increase this gradually. A site which does not rank in Google and doesn't get traffic getting 10 backlinks a month is not natural for a local business. We have covered this topic in Module 5 (Scroll all the way down to find LINK VELOCITY post in module 5) Also, we suggest watching the March 8th 2016 Coaching Call Repla...

Can I use 1 random profile to backlink to multiple PBN sites I own?

One (1) BLCP Profile to leave backlinks for the multiple PBNs is acceptable but risky. We recommend you only use 1 profile to leave backlinks to 1 PBN. This is to avoid all chances of leaving a footprint.

In Module 5 vid 3 related to backlinking, Chris talks about having a social fortress. Is this done in MSCP or BLCP?

All backlinks except niche blog comments and niche forum posts are done via BLCP. The brand social accounts (FB, Twitter, etc. which are your own) can be done in MSCP itself.

How many blogs can I access on one IP?

One (1) IP is assigned to 1 BLCP. One (1) Back linking Chrome Profiles (BLCP) can be assigned 1 or 2 PBNs and up to as many Web 2.0's but only TWO of each (Tumblr, LiveJournal, Blogger, etc.).

How many Firefox profiles can I use per IP?

We recommend a maximum of 5 Firefox profiles per IP address. Do NOT share the same IP address with your Money site. Always keep your money site as far away as possible from your Web 2.0 and PBN's Firefox profiles.

Do you recommend any particular backlink indexer service?

You can check Module 5 and scroll down below Video 10 where we have provided a list of backlink indexer services both free and paid -

Once my site is up and running, what timeline should I follow in terms of backlinking?

Once your website is ready with at least 10 cities, you can look into backlinking. Now, there is no SPECIFIC SET OF RULES you have to follow. You can start when you are at 20 cities, 30 cities anytime you want. Just make sure your site is up and running perfectly before you go backlinking.

Any suggestions for finding local sources of backlinks that allow anchor text?

Most blog comments won't allow you to leave a custom anchor. If the blog/forum is niche specific. Guest posts or press releases are the ones which will allow you to leave ANCHOR backlinks. Forums and blog comments are not supposed to have KW rich anchor texts going to your website anyway, it's not natural. I have been doing client SEO for 5 years and for me what works best is to use a specific type of anchor text for a specific type of link that is natural. Example : Forum Links --->Naked...

How can I protect my master domain site from spammy backlinks from competitors?

You will have to use Google webmasters tool and disavow these spammy backlinks. We recommend you do it quickly. Follow the link to reach googles disavow tool Here is a help article directly from Google that can help you out

The free plug-ins for Majestic and Moz no longer exist. What can I use now to make my forum backlink project work?

Unfortunately, you will have to subscribe to any of their plans to make use of the add-ons. OR Here are the 3 best sources for backlinks: #1 ( PBN's #2 ( Web 2.0's #2a join #3 ( Order Majestic backlink report for your larges NATIONAL competition and steal backlinks. Please note that the idea is to keep movin...