You should have 4-7 ish keywords for each city page. Note: You may have a few more depending on your niche but 98% of the time if you have more than 10 keywords, you need to consider dividing them up into two groups (2 pages per city). How will you know?

Module 1 Video 0 is THE MOST important videos of this entire course. OR you might be adding too many keywords with low searches per month for larger cities. (for larger cities, searches at or below 30 searches per month is a waste of your time). do not waste your time with those. Stay with keywords at 40+ searches per month for larger cities and that will leave you with 4-7 ish total keywords.


Take each keyword when not combined between .50% and 1.5 % keyword density
and 2-3% density for city with state like Austin, TX or Mesa, AZ.

For example,

Portable Toilet shows up 7 total times 4 times in Portable Toilet Rental and 3 times as Portable Toilet for total of 7 times or 1%
Portable Toilet Rental 4 as group .60%
Toilet Rental 6 times total 4 above from Portable Toilet Rental and 2 times as Toilet Rental or .80%

porta potty 11 (5 +5 = 11 combined from two keyword below) (1 alone time) total 1.5%
porta potty pros 5 times as group .70%
porta potty rental 5 times as group .70%
potty rental 8 times (5 above in porta potty rental and 3 times alone potty rental) 1.1%

portable restrooms 4 times total .60%

Friendly reminder: do not get caught up in perfection. Take each of your 4-7 keywords and make sure each one is not more than .50% to 1.5% Please remember to not double count keyword density, for example

Portable Toilet rental

Contains TWO other keywords:

Portable Toilet

Toilet Rental

Another way to look at it is there are 3 keywords: (do not get cute and reverse the word order and come up with 6+ keywords.. keep it simple)

Portable Toilet rental

Portable Toilet

Toilet Rental

If you had an 800-word article and had the word Portable Toilet Rental 4 times .50%

Portable Toilet 2 times (net 4 times 2 times alone = 6 times) .75%

Toilet Rental 2 times (net 6 times 4 above and 2 alone = 7 times) .75%

You would fall into guidelines of .50% to 1.5% total keyword density