Creating Unique Content: Are spinning and reversioning the same?

The method for article re-versioning is almost similar to article spinning.

How it differs from typical spinning is instead of just replacing words with synonyms (words with similar meanings) the entire sentence is replaced with a different sentence. Reversioning is thus more of paraphrasing the sentence eg: Sentence 1a is replaced by Sentence 1b

These two sentences IMPLY the same meaning but the method of expressing the idea in those sentences are DIFFERENT.

In spinning:
Sentence 1a: Hello, My name is Jack.
Sen1b:e 1b : Hiya, my first name is Jack.

In Re-versioning:
Sentence 1a: Hello. my name is Jack.
Sentence 1b: I call myself Jack.

While spinning is just replacing word by other words, re-versioning replaces the entire sentence with one which implies the same meaning.