Master Domain Site Structure & Content

What should I put in the address field for the smaller, surrounding city pages?

You don't have to insert an address in smaller cities. In Module 3 -- > Part 7a --> USA City Blueprint, we have listed all the cities in the United States with the population. Along with that, we have mentioned which cities you should use an address and which cities you don't need an address. You can follow that guide and determine if you want to put a unique address and phone number in that city or not.

How can I structure my site offering multiple services in multiple cities?

We recommend you build out city pages for ONE SERVICE at a time as shown in the training for maximum cities as possible. (At this point you can use normal service pages which is common and link to all city pages ) Once you have built out the city pages and would like to specifically target individual cities, you can do the VIDEO 0 exercises and find keyword groups for that particular service and create a new city page which targets the new service and keyword group you found from Video 0 exerc...

What should I use as geo tagger for smaller cities?

You can GEOTAG with any software eg:

When geo-tagging smaller cities around the hub city, do you use the same hub city address?

There are city pages which require addresses and there are city pages which DON'T require addresses. You can use the address of a bigger city in smaller cities. We have listed which cities need addresses and which ones don't in Module 3 --> Part 7a --> USA CITY BLUEPRINT.

For a master domain site where the actual home page isn't targeting anywhere in particular, what type of schema markup do you suggest using?

In hall analysis, instead of LOCAL BUSINESS you can select WEBSITE SCHEMA and add normal schema data.

Schema error for phone number and price

The plugin we are using does not include a price range that’s why you got an error in that field. About the phone number, the only accepted format in Schema is +1-888-888-8888. If you use other formats, Google will show errors and there is no way to fix that. However, you can safely ignore it. There’s no field in Schema that’s mandatory. Also, errors will not affect your site as these are ignored by search engines whenever structured data tool finds them.

Kallzu Slider not showing in order on the website

We use default slider for all our city pages. If this setup didn't work for you, please make use of the slide groups option. Follow these steps: 1. Go to Dashboard >> Slides >> Slide groups 2. Create a new slide group 3. Clone the existing slides if you want to use the same content. Else, add a new one 4. For cloning, just go to Slides >> All Slides and hover over the slide name of the slide you want to clone. Click Clone to duplicate it. 5. For creating a new slide, go t...

I have a few lead gen sites in the same niche, on the same server. Should I create unique designs for each to avoid any issues with Google?

It is recommended to avoid using the same design as it may leave footprints. Have each design be unique, with unique images, a unique number of pages, different topics, different linking structures, plugin configurations, everything as random as possible. Also, if you are using shared hosting, avoid linking between these sites. If you are linking between sites, then make sure you put them in different hostings (sites should have different IPs).

Schema installed but Google still not showing reviews

Schema reviews will not show up on HOME PAGE of a website from now on (ie root domain). This is the newest policy of Google. Schema reviews showing up in Google SERP is actually UP TO GOOGLE. Even if you insert the perfect Schema, Google may simply decide not to show the review stars. Also, you will have to wait a considerable amount of time because it will take some time to appear in the search results. Make sure you insert the schema in the sub-pages without any errors and wait for Google ...

f I create a new page for a city outside of a big city on a different area code, can I use the big city's phone number or do I need to get a new number?

You can use the phone number you are going to use for the nearest BIG CITY. We have specified in Module 3 --> Part 7a, which cities need phone and address and which of them do not.

How quickly and at what rate can I add major cities and smaller surrounding cities?

You can start by adding major city and at the same time smaller surrounding communities. We recommend adding no more than 5 cities with surrounding smaller cities. But do not add a 6th city until you have all of your major and smaller cities to page 5 or less (4, 3, 2, 1) for major keywords. (the 1-2 keywords that get the highest search volume). After you have 4-7 main cities ranking page one for main keywords, recall that Google will trust your site and future cities can rank very quickly wi...

Do I need to have new number and address for each small surrounding cities?

That depends on your niche. If your niche travels to customer location like Pest Control then you can use the same phone number for all cities. However, for the address of each smaller city, you just put city name and zip codes. If you have a niche which requires that customers travel to a service provider like Dentist, then you need a separate phone number and address for each city.

For surrounding cities with no address as per US city blueprint in Module 3, what's the best option in terms of showing Google maps on the city page?

You can show an address without a business name. All you have to do is find a street, put a Google pin and get the embed code for it.

My site is not converting well despite first page Google ranking

The conversion rate of a web page depends on the DESIGN, CONTENT, URGENCY OF NICHE etc.. Small tweaks will bring big changes. The only way to identify these changes is by actually making them and testing the conversion rates. In order to increase your conversion rate, you can try tweaking with these tips: - Include testimonials, social proof, customer reviews. - Include a video or a couple of videos of the services you offer - Incorporate strong calls to action (CTAs) into eve...

Do I need to connect my sub-pages with content to my parent page?

You only connect SUB CITY pages to parent city page. Contact page and any other general pages are not connected to a parent page.

Do I need to add my keyword in URLs of sub-pages (location, contact, and sub pages) like I do the city pages?

There's no need to add keywords to contact or location pages.

Hosting recommendation for money site and PBNs

We highly recommend the following hosting for your PBN and Money Sites. We have tested and use the following hosting for our sites. PBN (Private Blog Network) hosting we vetted this company for almost 2 years and Chris Winters is good friends with the owner. The owner is also an active participant in the kallzu private Facebook group. We host all our PBN domains exclusively with Easy Blog Network. Here is the discount link: Bluehost icloud is our only choice for ho...

Can I set up SEO Schema on every city page?

Yes, you can and you should (if you like to get the best out of SEO SCHEMA). If you have a business address then put an address in that city page. There will be city pages where you don't have an address - leave it blank (even if the structured tool shows error, you can ignore it).

Do you recommend using "nearby" as an anchor?

We do NOT recommend using it. Searches like "plumbers near me" work on an algorithm where Google recognizes your local businesses address and geo-coordinates from Schema and Google My Business, matching it with the searcher's geo-coordinates. It doesn't work through checking if your site has "nearby" anchors.

What is Google "thin content penalty" and how to avoid it?

Google now penalizes sites that have the same page for each city with just some basic things like suburb or city changed. Thus we recommend each city page is rewritten, and each page is NOT thin - with 500-1000+++ words, with images, etc. These are all covered in the course. Follow the training as we've proven time and again that it works.

Chris Winters teaches targeting smaller outer cities first in order to rank faster before going after the big cities. How does this work with the 250 rule?

First of all, the 250 rule is done to research about your niche. We understand it won't add up to 250 if you enter a small city. You need to make sure that when you scale to bigger cities, you have at least 250 people searching for it. So to do it properly, select a major city. Do your research, get the best niche and keywords, and then start building city pages. Start with smaller city pages first and then on to the major city.

How to ensure the email leads from each city page go to the right client for each city

You need to install email lead tracker in your master domain site. Edit the city page and on the left side, you will see a CAMPAIGN field where you can enter a campaign number from kallzu 2. eg: Edit the page, enter campaign ID "54365" in the campaign ID field of that page and save. All the leads that were entered from the page through lead tracker plugin will be se...

Is it okay that a password protected page and images show up in sitemap or should I be worried?

The Google crawler will be blocked from viewing the page as it is password protected. You don't have to worry about partially indexing pages. The pages will show up in your sitemap but Google bot won't be able to crawl if its password protected.

When building out bigger (& smaller) city pages nearby the zip codes for that particular city, do I need to link to all the other smaller city pages

The key idea of interlinking is based on "How search engines work" Search engine spiders which come to your site is going to follow each and every single link in your page for indexing. Thus you have to make sure all your pages are interlinked in some way.

How do I add geolocation exif data to JPG images?

We do not have a tutorial on how to add geolocation exif data but you can use this link Please be reminded that there is no need of EXIF data, only geotagging is required.

What alt tags can I use for pictures?

You can use Brand Name, Picture Description etc.. (a mix actually). Just avoid using direct keywords.

Creating Unique Content: Are spinning and reversioning the same?

The method for article re-versioning is almost similar to article spinning. How it differs from typical spinning is instead of just replacing words with synonyms (words with similar meanings) the entire sentence is replaced with a different sentence. Reversioning is thus more of paraphrasing the sentence eg: Sentence 1a is replaced by Sentence 1b These two sentences IMPLY the same meaning but the method of expressing the idea in those sentences are DIFFERENT. In spinning: Sentence 1a: Hell...

Does my choice of WordPress theme have an effect on SEO and ranking?

The speed and structure of themes play a role, but it's not a MAJOR role with regard to SEO, as the CORE of your website will be WordPress and it is a strong content management platform Kallzu SEO theme is SEO Compliant. We have tested it and we can vouch for it There are tons of WordPress themes out there which are good for SEO too. But we have not tested them and hence we cannot give you a clear comparison. Your ranking mainly depends on a lot of other factors, and themes only play a very...

How to prevent search engines from indexing my new WP site that is under design?

You may use this plugin to password-protect your site ( You can also watch Module-3 Part 7 for more info.

Is it possible to use SEO schema on a Kallzu directory site?

You may use SEO schema on a directory site. A directory site has no local business address and no local business phone number so instead of LOCAL BUSINESS, you can select WEBSITE SCHEMA and add normal schema data.

Adding Google Analytics to money site

When adding Google Analytics to your money site, you should use the money site Google account in the FFP/Chrome profile. Do NOT use your normal Google analytics account.

Chrome Profiles - MSCP and BLCP

As stated in the new version of module 2, we have 2 groups of Chrome profiles - Money Site Chrome Profile (MSCP) and Backlinking Chrome Profiles (BLCP). Each has its own specifications. An MSCP consists of: - a dedicated Gmail account - a home IP address if you're from the same country as your money site or a VPN IP address if living in another country e.g. If your money site is in the U.S. and you live in the U.S., you do NOT need a VPN While BLCP does not need a Gmail account and also...

Adding Schema to the header of each city page

The header is a part of WordPress theme which will be loaded every time a WordPress page is loaded, so if you insert schema in the header part, the schema will be loaded every time. LOCAL BUSINESS Schema for a master domain site (the type of sites we teach) changes from page to page thus it's not advised to post the local business schema in the header. You can post a regular schema in headers but avoid Local Business Schema To do it in kallzu theme, visit your dashboard Kallzu --> Theme O...

Kallzu recommended site structure

In structuring your site the Kallzu way, you need to have a separate page for each of your main keywords. For niche related keywords or services related to your niche but do not have enough searches to rank, create them as service posts. Note that in Kallzu, we teach our students to create city pages and service posts. City pages are for the services you offer and should contain your main keywords. Service posts, which can either be a page or a post, will contain niche related services or ...

Address and phone number in Schema

When you have a real address, use that address in Schema (you can get a Google My Business at this address as well if you own any.) Where you have used a fake address, leave the address field blank in Schema. This applies to latitude and longitude as well. If you give fake data in these, you will see improvement in your rankings. But the fact is that Google is getting smarter day by day and is rolling out updates to its own algorithm. These rankings may disappear FOREVER if you input fake dat...

Whoer shows me in a different city from my money site

The address provided by Whoer differs according to the internet provider you have. You can either use a VPN or if you are in the United States, use your home IP itself. However, you need to access your money site and its Google accounts through a separate profile (Chromium/Firefox). You don't have to worry about location being pinpoint accurate, as long as you are in the same country as your money site.

How do I get reviews on my website?

Module 3 Part -- >Part 10 case study --> Part 20 Covers how to get reviews on your website if you need it in your site at some point. When you start, reviews are not required.

How important is following the URL structure (e.g. ( is the structure we follow It enables you to host a Parent page for the STATE and provides the site a good taxonomy. Google loves taxonomy.

Can I use the Chromium browser on Chromebook?

We have not tested the Chromium with Chromebook but we think Mozilla profiles or Google Chrome profiles might be better for Chromebook as it offers better development support than chromium project.

Does the anchor text ratio apply per city page or the entire money site?

It applies to the ntire money site, and locally. It should all be in balance.

My webmaster is saying that i have robot.txt blocking URLs

Webmasters tool will show that certain WordPress core folders are blocked by robots is normal for Wordpress sites. If WP-ADMIN, WP-INCLUDES etc. are blocked by robot.txt, it’s NOT a problem because it has to be blocked by default, or else unwanted pages will get indexed in Google. We only recommend change robots if there is any other folder than wp-admin that's disabled. If all pages are blocked by robot.txt, you need to delete your existing robots.txt from your hosting. Then set ...

Inserting a tracking pixel on the Kallzu theme

Kallzu theme does not have a feature where you can insert pixels on individual pages. Here is how you can insert pixel sitewide: In kallzu Theme, you can paste the pixel code by visiting Dashboard --> Kallzu --> SITE SETTINGS --> Header This will put a tracking pixel on ALL PAGES. For placing pixel on individual pages, you will have to paste the pixel coded by editing the page and inserting the code by changing over to the Text Tab of editor in WordPress. There are a ...

Should I use my real name and address to create a Chromium persona?

In creating a Chromium user profile with name, address, etc, you want it to be separate from your profile name, and real address.

How do I make blog posts and keep adding content to my money site?

We do not normally run a separate BLOG inside our websites. Instead, we publish them as SERVICE POSTS. Each service you offer will be made into a post. That's the only type of posts we make on our website. Add service posts for services offered at the beginning when setting up the site. You may add new posts or edit content if there are changes or additions to the services you offer.

Can I purchase domains from a provider located outside of the US?

You can purchase domains from a domain provider that is not located in the US as long as the privacy address is in the US.

What is the difference between service posts and normal blog posts?

Service post is a page. It is a list of 4-7 or more services related to the niche but not enough searches to rank. Pest control niche service posts would be links to a rat page, a spider page, etc.. Video 0 excercises will show you all services in your niche. A post is a like blog post just topics related to your niche. All of our sites in module three have sample service posts.

Why is there a difference in home page in reference to Emergency Dentist Site and Flowershop Website case studies (emergency dentist teaches them to make the state the homepage, while flowershop website teaches them to make the city the homepage)

Emergency dentist site is a DIRECTORY SITE Flowershop is a master domain site Directory = collection of multiple businesses Flowershop only have 1 business and that business is the member's business

Wordfence Firewall blocked a background request to WordPress

Q: Every time I drag the Recent Posts Extended widget into the footer, I get a message from Wordfence Firewall: Wordfence Firewall blocked a background request to WordPress for the URL /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php. If this occurred as a result of an intentional action, you may consider whitelisting the request to allow it in the future. Whitelist this action Dismiss A: Select Whitelist this action and you're good to go. If you are still having issues, follow these steps: - Go to Plugins ...

Google Analytics

Q: What should I do? A: If you want to insert the analytics code into your money site, you can use any WordPress plugins which would allow you to do that. One example is

PHP Update Required (WPForms)

Q: How do I update the PHP? A: Visit this site and follow the steps: or better yet, contact your web hosting provider and ask them to update the PHP version on your hosting account.

Building a master site to sell leads to an affiliate offer

Q: I’m building a master site to sell leads to an offer in Kallzu Konnect. I’m following the Flowershop website structure (in the SEO training). Is that the build I should follow? A: SEO sites work best with local clients than affiliate offers, and we don't really teach or promote affiliate offers as well. You may want to follow the Niche Selection module if you want to have an idea on what niche to select as we have extensive videos there. Case studies are just demos to show how to build sites...

Flowershop site URL is not working. What's the correct link?

Unfortunately, the Flower Shop demo site is no longer available. Kindly refer to our new sample sites: