What is Google Certified and how does it affect my ranking?

According to Google, we will only see this in niches where there is abuse within the niche to consumers e.g. plumber and locksmith niches.

For example, locksmiths are known to quote a small price to come unlock a car but once they arrive, the bill triples! Since the consumer is often stranded on the roadside, they feel they have no choice but to pay extra. Similar abuse happens in plumber niche.

Is this a threat? NO WAY! There are 10 organic spots, 3-6 paid, and Google 3-pack as competition all on page one. To get some of the business, you need to make sure your title tags, meta description, and your site has a clear call to action. In addition, you need to diversify your source of income by adding another lead gen traffic source, like kallzu Ads. This way, you use both organic and paid traffic to build your business. 

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